Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seduction - A Poem


*Poem contains M/M relations and sexual suggestions.*

Author's note:
A funny, little, bitter poem
Of every dick we've ever known
That promised everlasting love
Until the second he got off.

An ode to you, my gorgeous boy,
A song of praise to show my joy
That heaven's grace has brought you near.
Just... pull those blinds down would you, dear?
Prying eyes, loose tongues and all,
Best not set rumours free to crawl.
Here, have a drink, unwind and sit.
Let's loosen up that tie a bit.

Now where... Yes, you, that's where we're at,
I've never seen such hair as that!
A golden, gorgeous mane of silk...
Hmm? No, we're good, it's early still...
Umm, what... ah: hay fields tipped by sun,
And may I touch? Ah, sweet, such fun!
To press my calloused tips through gold,
And steal my hands around to hold...

Okay, okay! Too much, too quick!
Apologies, my dear, my sick
Emboldened touch too much to ask,
Please sit again, drink up; relax.
And have I mentioned that your voice,
Would be the first for all the choice,
Of symphony or choir or band?
Would you balk if I just hold your hand?

Mind not the thigh that touches close,
I'm nothing more than trusted host,
An honour that you grace my bed,
Err... home I mean, yes, home I said!
My tongue, it seems, speaks on its own,
A wild thing, without control,
It seems to know no bounds or chaste,
Perhaps... you might like just a taste?

And fine, indeed, your lips, my love,
Like nectar offered from the Gods.
Shaped just so, the colour of rose,
Indulge me, dare, to hold you close?
In innocence, I swear 'tis true!
I'd never risk a daring move,
And leave you rushing for the door,
But may I say that I adore...

Your eyes so green the Gods... oh, blue?
Blue, yes, blue! Of course I knew!
Distracted, I, from such fine swoon,
My mind just merely replaced hue.
So caught it was. Now where was I?
Something, something... like the sky;
The sweetest gift, heaven's reward,
Allow me just one single more...

Kiss. Of course, and nothing else,
I really must control myself.
Yet hard to keep drawing the reins,
When with such beauty one is graced.
Alas, I know your naive trust
Is much more valuable that lust,
By all that's strong and good and true,
I'd not... you know... unless... might you?

Be interested? In one small touch?
To know the depths of such true love?
Your hand, here, feel my beating chest,
And know my words are not in jest.
Darling man-child, sweetest treat,
No one could ever love as deep,
As that which I profess to know
Is growing in my heart and soul.

Only you, my sweetest haunt,
Could cause such overwhelming want,
Have I perhaps mentioned your eyes?
I did? I see. Well, no surprise!
Your flaxen hair? Your lovely kiss?
You nod as though I've said all this.
Well give me but a little time,
And let me top your glass with wine.

Oh no, it's very mild, I swear,
And what? You think you need some air?
A shame, the window won't relent,
Let's just remove our jackets then.
And if it gets too much to try,
And keep yourself so straight and spry,
I will not think you less a man,
If you'd prefer to lie than stand.

Would you mind if while we lay,
I let my hands begin to stray?
Not for my self-benefits,
But merely since you seem so tense,
And due to perfect providence,
I have the skills to make amends,
And ease your plight with expert touch.
A service, love, and nothing but.

A body such as yours is lost,
Withheld from eyes beneath the cloth!
Divinities must watch with greed,
The likes of beauty I can see,
Rippling 'neath the binds of shirt,
To tease me to the point of hurt.
Blessed baby, a single touch,
Of silken skin would mean so much...

I'm sorry... what? Say that again?
Your name? You play me, little friend.
Of course I can recall the word,
Mere hours it's been since I heard.
But if you could, do me one kind?
It's nothing really, just remind,
The letter of the alphabet,
To which that blessed word begets?

No, wait! It's just... well, not my fault,
Befuddled by these views that halt
Each single thought of which my mind
Attempts, but for those few that wind
Me back towards the simple truth
That every thought must be for you!
Your beauty, grace and joie de vive,
It steals my intellect, you see.

Can you lay blame if I can't help
But throw aside and lose myself?
When all of life's perfected bliss
Presents to me in form as this?
As if the Gods have read my mind,
For everything I've sought to find,
And in a mood of servitude,
Proffered to me the gift of you?

'Tis not my lust that drives me on,
But search of soul – from two to one.
Tomorrow we can find the time,
For things like names and hopes and likes.
After we taste the spoils of love,
Then we'll worry the other stuff.
Lay back, my doll, and close your eyes,
A bolder you awaits my rise.

The night is black, the wind grows hard,
But here there's warmth and light and arms.
Better the darkened hours spent
Beside a loving confidant?
Still your trembles, free your mind,
And let me be your pleasure guide.
Bare your secrets and let me in,
When sought for love we forgo sin...

And if the morning brings regret,
We'll just pretend we've never met.
I'll pass your jacket and your tie,
Skip over all the gauche good-byes;
But hear me when I say this truth,
I just don't see that end with you.
Your heart is different from the rest,
Trust me, darling. I love you best.

The End

Copyright © 2012 AF Henley

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