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Das Abenteuer - A Poem

Das Abenteuer

*Poem contains M/M relations and explicit sexual scenes*

When I was more a younger man
They tried to teach me circumstance.
But I, as many young men do,
Refused to mould to father's shoes.
I had my scruples, had my pride,
I would not slave fields 'til I died!
Finer things stood wait for me,
My heart belonged out on the sea!

So to my mother's crying eyes,
My father's knowing, smug good-byes,
I kicked my heels and tuck'd my pack,
Far-reaching eyes did not look back.
I sought the siren's song of fate,
The future bright, my freedom late!
(Oh, youth, you foolish, careless knave,
So quick to cast your nets away...)

My days of quiet country farms,
Sunday praise and gentle charms,
Did not prepare me for the sight
That met my tired gaze that night.
The dock – alive with drunken noise!
The singing! Fighting! Raised voice!
It pounded heart and widened eye;
Yes! This was what I'd come to find!

My body slight and skills a-wanting,
No disregard to my shortcomings,
I searched the toothless grins awhile
To locate air of friendly smile;
Trying to bore past eyes of coal
And find myself a pleasant soul,
For to direct me on my way
To ship both warm and somewhat safe.

Alas, fool's task the search did prove,
I had no choice but force the move.
Into the horde I boldly stepped,
To be near trampled to my death!
Undaunted still I tried once more
Past snarl and curse, nudge, shove and roar.
And to the few who caught my eye,
In gentle prose I begged reply.

The brief exchanges, one again,
Gave proof I was not thought as friend;
"Excuse me sir, a word I might?"
"Away here, blondie! Out' me sight!"
"Kind sir, a moment of your time?"
"Pound off lad – I'll beat your hide!"
"Just a moment, sir I plead!"
"Boy, go home, 's'no place to be."

'Til there by shore, a sole man sat,
De-tangling life from twisted net,
O'er sand I scurried, to fall to knee
Speaking before denial could be.
Bestowing my virtuous clever mind,
That truer service he could not find,
Proving my worth, I swore him true,
Was all I held desire to do.

He looked me up, he looked me down,
And smirk was born from bitter frown,
"I've just the job for you, my boy,
Indeed t'were born for this employ.
Step lightly now," he said to me,
Then grinned at jest I could not see.
As I did rise to take his side,
"Oh, yes," he said. "You'll do just fine."

Past flick'ring torch, o'er dock and string,
Towards a darkened hull he brings
Yet, fearful, me, and who knows why
The hulking shadow terrified?
'Twas not the first I'd seen of ship!
But I was forced to still my lip
Lest quick of throat betray my voice
And prove to all my cowardice.

No fisher's hulk this graceful beaut,
A merchant's vessel, strong and true,
All eyes turned to watch us board her,
Mute welcome to das Abenteuer.
Or so the painted side did say
When chanced to look along the way
In case, good Lord, the name I need,
Should evil hap' to nod at me.

Strong-willed, I pushed the thought aside,
Worked my best to be polite,
Bobbing nods to each and all
Whilst eyes were pulled towards the hall
Where came a figure, slow and strong
Quieting scoff by loom alone,
Purposeful stride, flanked on both sides,
By men of some respective size.

The core of three he stood as king;
Captain, by dress, tall and lean,
He'd long dark hair worn straight and back,
Of midnight shine, with silk entrapped.
And for my life, I knew not why,
My fingers twitched to test the tie.
Or why, when spoke, my eyes he drew
To watch the lips from where word spew.

Men, I've seen, of course, 'twas true,
But not like him, my whole life through.
The dashing clothes they could not hide
The finery they held inside:
Arms that mocked the seams that held,
Pants tight as to see each swell
Of sinew, muscle, knob and flesh,
And caused me to catch my breath.

A temptress, this, it had to be
The way this Captain called to me.
Or perhaps, merely, it was I
Once free from mandate, left to fly,
On wings unaccustomed to height,
Had sought to take too great a bite?
And as mythical Icarus,
Could not pull back from hubris clutch?

'Twas a lesson I did not ware,
I could have turned and bid my fare
But chose to stand and watch in muse
The Captain call to mast his crew.
And stand on quickly waning knees,
Of which, I point, I had no creed,
To understand which tugged my mind,
Having not yet learned its kind.

Unknown these sudden silly pricks,
That danced along my spine like whips,
That drew my tongue out to my lip,
And forced my eyes to dip and flick,
My heart to skip, my mouth to dry,
While all the time my brain says why?
And all I think each time he speaks,
Is, please God, make him look at me!

So by his grace, the Captain talked,
"Pour the wine and lift the lock,
Take me from this cursed rock,
We'll sleep no more against this dock."
"And sir," my escort said, "of he?"
To which he thumbed my way it seemed,
Whereby the Captain stopped to say,
"Yes, bring the boy along my way."

The memory of that single gaze,
Will warm me to my dying day.
His black eyes lifted to my own,
Sinking, diving, to my soul
And searching out my darkest need.
"Bathe him first, then bring to me,"
The Captain said to my escort,
"And rum, with thanks, for you of course."

"The thanks is surely all mine, sir,"
My guide said with an eerie purr.
Cord was wound and tugged aboard,
Chaos caged by shout and order.
"Should I?" I pointed to the rush
To which I got an unkind push,
"You heard the man," a growl ensued,
"Or best, me thinks, a hand to you."

Water should never be so cold,
No touch should ever be so bold,
But I was slim and they were not,
I was weak while they were tough.
Disagreeance had no ill effect,
Their only care: Captain's request.
Furious, frozen, scrubbed and raw,
I found myself at Captain's door.

"Hello," said he, and I enraged,
Stormed a rant of eloquent phrase,
And how come this and how'd they dared,
To which he caught a piece of hair,
And held it out into the light,
"My God," he said, "a gorgeous sight,
I've never seen such lovely gold
In all the world. I'd sell my soul."

Stunned to mute, contrite by awe,
I stared, he smiled and just kept on,
"To own even one single spin,
Medallion, coin or shaped thing
Whose finery could be so bright
To stand against what God by right
Has granted gift to you, and pray,
Do tell, what's done, to gain such grace?"

On few occasions, for a kiss,
I too have offered praise as this,
Though virginal as I might be,
I was no fool, well… not complete,
So how, I thought, with wary stare,
Had he managed to get me there?
I'm sure I had no move of feet
Yet found myself atop his sheets.

"Your skin is cold," he said too low,
"Such pretty men should not be so.
I think," he said, "if given rights,
I could keep you warm tonight."
And from my hair to ear and jaw,
To chin, to neck, with fingers soft,
To ruffled shirt and bindings there,
"What say, boy? You dare to dare?"

A million negations sprung to mind
Yet the teasing touches at the time
Were more insistent in their calls
To forgo moral protocol.
For when he slipped warm palm inside
My shirt, and oh my God the slide!
Of fingertip and calloused hand
That belonged to another man!

I'm sure my thought had long since failed,
My breath unsteady, mind derailed,
And damn the devil for the heat
When lip touched lip by simple lean.
And to cold air bare skin was pressed
When cloth was brushed away from chest.
Chilled only for a moment's pause
'Fore fire rushed to fight it off.

As in my lap, the demon played,
With fingers skilled and unashamed.
He did not seem to mind one bit
That caught in shock I nip'd his lip.
Nor did he care when in alarm
My fingers sunk into his arms.
And I for one was quite surprised
At how my loins began to rise.

Who knew, I thought, that this could be?
This heat that gathered inside me?
For none before had made me pause,
There'd never been a single cause
'Cept maybe for the errant thought,
When teasing length to perfect spot,
Maybe then… but only then
Had the occasional faceless man…

Well and that one time there in town,
In my defence I'd been quite down,
And he was remarkably built,
And in a very fashionable suit.
So truly I could not be blamed
For mind to wander on what remained,
Beneath tight pleat and buttons high,
I told myself around my sighs.

The Captain played a master game,
Perfection in touch, sweet delay.
"You'll like this," spoke around a smile,
And pushed to sheet like displaced child
I watched in horrified disgust
That faded to mind-blowing lust
My Lord! His mouth, his mouth, his mouth!
'Til I could think of nothing else!

And when he rose with swollen lips
To nudge himself against my hip,
I knew not why nor what he reached
Only the scent of something sweet,
The sound of slick that made me shake
And grit my teeth until they ached.
When tips of fingers made their reach
I tried to not clench out the breach.

His voice, dark heat, a velvet soothe,
His lips to ear, he asked in croon,
"Have you ever?" I shook my head
And heard him catch a broken breath.
Deeper, Captain's curious touch,
And more, and still that wondrous clutch
On parts so hard they made me beg
For what I did not dare to say.

He knelt, I spread, and hands fell free,
Replaced by steel encased in fleece,
And as I stretched to grant him home,
He caught my lips to hide his moan.
A gradual start, this cautious man,
Grateful, I, for all demands
Were at the Captain's beck and call
Regardless of choices overall.

My legs wrapped of their own accord,
His breath on neck a pleasing chord,
By his direction, fist to pole,
I thrust my hand, while he thrust hole.
And when towards the peak we came
Breathless, straining, one to same,
I knew to whence this end had strayed
Regardless of the situate...

I had not run towards the sea
I left to find another he!
Denial is a clever troll
Expunging choice through thought control.
And those we serve most to protect
Are lost to our own cold regrets.
No sharper thorn will ever bleed
Than one which we choose not to see.

So spent and sore and worn and wet,
But thrilled, entranced and quite content,
Embarrassed, yes, and not too sure,
What waited for this voyageur,
I found his eyes and he to mine
He offered me a roguish smile,
"I think you'll do just fine boy, here
Welcome to das Abenteuer."

The End

Copyright © 2011 AF Henley

Recorded version, by the talented Darkprism HERE 
(Huge thanks, Dee. I still love this more than words can say.)

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