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*Story contains M/M relations and graphic sexual situations*

Vegas. If you can get past the heat, Kris mused, everything else is gravy. The lights and the music never stop. The glamour, the speed - everything larger than life. It's the Sodom and Gomorrah of North American current day. If you want it, you can find it.

He squirmed against the bar stool, relishing the cubra libre at a leisurely pace. Nothing more than rum and cola with a twist of lime, but it seemed wrong to use a simple descriptor for anything in this town. Besides, the expression brought to mind lively games and enjoyable pastimes that had nothing to do with the drink in his hand.

He had decided the refuge of the bar was worth the cost of the booze. While the drinks were free on the gaming floor, he had craved a quieter atmosphere. One eventually grew tired of bells and whistles, groans and shrieking.

"Drinking away a memory," a smooth voice said beside him. "Or celebrating a victory?"

Kris turned, and smiled at the man beside him: younger, darker, with a grin that wreaked havoc on Kris' insides; eyes the colour of coal. "Could I not be doing both?" Kris answered.

The new arrival slid into the bar stool right beside him and sat back coolly. "Hmm," the younger man pondered dramatically. "Only six words and you've managed to pull off clever. Impressive." He signalled for the bartender and paused to wait for the attendant's arrival. "I would like," he considered, looked over and smirked at Kris' drink, "what he's having."

The bartender lifted an unimpressed eyebrow. "Rum and coke. With lime. Coming up."

Kris took a sip of his drink and watched from the corner of his eye as the man beside him swivelled in his direction. "So," his attentive bar-mate grinned. "Are you up or down?"

Standard Vegas question - how's the gambling going? Have you lost it all or have you come ahead? But on these lips the question was presented with so much more innuendo.

Flirtatious, cute, exactly what Kris would hope to find sitting beside him in a bar. However, he attempted to twist the conversation back towards normal. "I have neither lost to any degree, nor won to any. I am pretty much on par at the moment." He took a sip of his drink as the bartender placed a similar concoction in front of the other man. "Yourself?"

The man turned with a twinkle in his eyes. "Ah!" he said. "I, sir, am on a roll." He stopped the bartender before he walked away. "A drink for my friend as well, please." Then he flashed the grin back at Kris. "In exchange for your name maybe?"

Kris shrugged at the bartender who appeared to work extremely hard at not rolling his eyes. "Kris," he turned to his right and extended his hand.

"No," the young man mused. "Christopher, perhaps?"

"Kristian," he corrected. "But I would prefer Kris. And you are...?"


Kris laughed, a quick bark that caused several heads to pivot in their direction. "And now I feel obligated to give you kudos for your own impressive wit... John? Dave? Bill? Bob?"

"Theo." And the other man took a long drink as he peered at Kris over his glass.

"Wait... Theo? What...?" Kris shook his head and corrected himself. Stay playful. "Okay then. Theo." He copied the other's response. "As in Theodore?"

"No, as in Theo." Theo sat back again. "As in divine gift." Theo suddenly leaned forward, his voice a sexy drawl. "Can you buy it? What do you think? Do you see gift of divine proportion when you look at me?"

Kris raised his eyebrow. "Well, Theo. Here's the thing. Gift is a funny word. It has implications of being free. Yet rarely are they given without strings. Furthermore, in this town, I find it's best to use caution when presented with something labelled 'free'." Kris finger-quoted the word.

"Hmm." Theo took another drink, eyes flashing. "How about prize then?"


Theo nodded. "Let's tip the scales one way or another since you are running the fine line of being on par. Par is boring. This is Vegas, love. Boring is not allowed."

Kris tilted his head with a frown. "I'm not sure what you're saying."

Grinning again, Theo reached into his jacket and pulled out a deck of cards. "A wager? A simple cut of the cards? High card gets the prize."

Kris chuckled into his glass. "And what pray tell would this fabulous prize be?"

Theo watched Kris over his drink. "Oh, it is fabulous. So fabulous I can't even begin to tell you how much." He set his tumbler down and began to remove the plastic from the deck of cards. He handed the deck to Kris. "If you win," he said, watching Kris' eyes with a small smirk. "I'll let you fuck me."

A flush of heat skipped through Kris' core. He cleared his throat. "Oh? And if I lose?"

Theo's smirk grew. "Then I get to fuck you."

Kris shook his head and laughed quietly into the surface of the bar. He was good, this Theo. Enticing, sexy, with all the carefully thought-out come-ons hidden just far enough underneath the charm to make one think they could be spontaneous. Not to mention the fact that the thought of pounding the younger man into a mattress while he groaned into the bed sheets was not exactly a bad one.

"And what makes you think I'm not waiting for someone?" Kris asked the other man.

"Are you?"

Kris turned and watched Theo's face. "I have a partner."

"Oh?" Theo played with the ice in his drink. "And where, pray tell, is said partner at the moment?"

"Gambling away all my money," Kris answered playfully.

Theo frowned. "I doubt it!" Then he quickly cleared his throat. "I mean... you don't seem like the kind of guy that would pick someone like that for a partner."

"Hmm," Kris hummed with a smile. "Do I not?"

Theo shook his head. Kris caught his eye. "Good," Kris agreed. "Because you're right. I was teasing. He's actually a damn nice guy. Sweet. Pretty. Funny." He paused, "Imaginative, even. Playful."

Theo's frown softened into a wide grin. "Ya, well... fuck him." Chuckling, Theo pointed to the deck in Kris' hands. "Cut the cards."

Kris wiped his hand, damp from the glass, into the napkin in front of him. He picked up the deck. Keeping a close eye on his beaming bar-mate, he began to shuffle the cards. He did it slowly, carefully. He cut the deck and set the two halves face down on the bar. Expectantly Theo's eyes dropped to the two piles. Kris smirked to himself. And instead of flipping one over, he made an elaborate show of riffling the two stacks back into one.

Theo's lips parted and his tongue slipped over the bottom one. He raised his gaze up to meet Kris' again. "Cut."

"Me first? Or you? Or one cut and we each take a side?" Kris asked casually.

"You first," Theo answered, waving Kris impatiently towards the cards.

Once again Kris set the deck on the bar face down. He traced his thumb and pointer finger down the sides of the pile. Down, then up, down slightly, and he pinched the cards. Pulling his hand back, hiding the face card against the bar, he smiled at Theo. "Your turn." From behind the parted lips Kris watched Theo close his teeth together. It was a strangely erotic gesture.

Theo didn't play with the deck. He reached out and quickly caught a pinch of cards. "Show," he demanded.

"You." Kris said coolly. "I had to cut first. You can show first." He watched the smile on Theo's face grow wicked. Theo lifted his hand and turned it. Jack of Hearts.

"Ah," Kris hissed. "Royalty! Nicely done." He slid forward the small stack of cards that he still held against the bar. "All I have is..." he paused, and flipped the cards. "...the King of Clubs."

Theo dropped his stack with a 'plunk' and picked up his drink. He lifted the glass into the air. "Well done. I guess that turns your luck around then, no? On an upswing, so to speak?"

Kris nodded. "I would say it was one of my luckier wins, most certainly."

Theo looked over. "Oh, ya?"

Kris lifted his glass and touched it to the side of Theo's. "Oh, ya."

They caught each other's gaze for a minute and Kris almost believed he saw a small shiver run up Theo's back. He was certain, however, of the flush he saw creep into Theo's cheeks. "You have a room?" Theo asked.

"I do."

"Should we have another drink?"

Kris swallowed the last inch in his glass. "There's rum in the room."

Theo followed his lead, and lifted his finger to the bartender. "Cheque, please."


"All by ourselves?" Theo asked playfully when Kris shut the door to the room and turned around. "No hiding partner?"

Kris smirked at the other man's dancing eyes. "No. I can guarantee that my partner is not hiding somewhere in this room waiting to jump out at us."

"Oh, good," Theo purred, stepping towards him. "Interruptions are always such a damn bother."

Clever commentary came to mind, witticisms about how badly Kris would hate to be a bother, but they faded off his tongue when Theo took a final step, and closed the distance between them. He watched Theo tilt his head, followed suit in the opposite direction, and their lips met in a hesitant brush of skin. Then an inquiring press. Then a stronger surge. Until finally their mouths were pressed together, and tongues were urging further exploration.

Theo rocked against him, tentatively, feeling out his reaction. When Kris rewarded him with a low sigh, Theo used the soft sound as grant and cautiously let his fingers roam Kris' body. Kris knew a cue when he felt one. He began to walk the man towards the largest piece of furniture within the small space.

Suddenly a sharp pinch on Kris' lower lip made him snap his head back. He glared at the grinning man pressed against him. "Don't like to be bitten?" Theo asked, the innocent expression on his face marred by the dancing gleam in his eyes.

Kris narrowed his eyes good-naturedly. "Oh, I have no doubt that I would enjoy just about anything your pretty little mouth would like to do to me." He smirked at Theo and then shoved the man back. Surprise blanketed Theo's face as he tumbled backwards on to the bed. "But you didn't say suck. You said fuck."

Theo's expression tightened. It wasn't fear though. Fear did not have him nibbling on the inside of his bottom lip. Fear wasn't the cause of the pink hue that painted the younger man's cheeks. Fear had not made the front of Theo's pants grow taut.

Kris leaned over, stopping inches from Theo's wide eyes. His voice was calm, subdued. Husky. "Take your clothes off."

He doubted Theo meant to make the soft sound that tumbled from his throat. It was a sound that made Kris hungry. It was a sound that told Kris he himself had far too many clothes on. He righted himself, removed his sports jacket and tossed it over a chair. His fingers quickly worked the buttons of his shirt free. It wasn't until he was reaching for the fastenings of his pants that he realised Theo was watching him, lips parted and eyes glazed over.

"Theo!" Kris growled and the fixated man slowly lifted his gaze. Theo's cheeks reddened. "While I appreciate your consideration," Kris encouraged. "I would appreciate your nakedness more." He waited until Theo found focus and began to shrug out of his jacket before Kris returned to his own clothing.

Pants slipped down easily; shoes were kicked away. Socks were flicked off and after only a moment's debate, Kris' underwear were pressed to his feet and stepped out of. His body was hard, standing at full attention - this was interesting, this game. Fun. Unexpected. New.

Kris stepped towards the bed, towards the man just now pulling pants, briefs and socks off in one swoop, and lifted himself on to the mattress. Theo looked up, harried concentration transforming into half-lidded amusement as Kris began to crawl over him. Theo followed Kris' movement, lying back as Kris lay over, and goose-bumped flesh came together - the only heat in the overly air conditioned space. Theo's sigh breathed over his lips as Kris sought out the pair below him.

"Want you so bad I can taste it," Theo said against his cheek and Kris' body jumped at the statement.

"Want you too, baby," he promised back.

"Theo!" Kris' companion hissed. "There is no baby here! Don't wreck it!"

Kris chuckled and nuzzled into the other man's cheek. "Sorry! Theo!" He let his lips crush away Theo's disapproval - kissed him until the other man was weak and panting. And only when Theo was pulling back, practically begging for breath, did Kris start a slow grind against the body below him. He focussed his attention on Theo's straining neck, working throat and tight jaw. When he was finally sure that Theo was all but undone he turned his mouth into the breathless man's ear. "And you're right. There is no baby here. There is no love tonight."

Kris sat up quickly and slid off the bed. Standing, he reached for Theo and yanked the smaller body to the edge of the mattress. Before the man had a chance to react, Kris had flipped him over and kicked Theo's ankles apart. Another yank pulled Theo's hips off the bed and up against Kris' erect body. He put both palms on Theo's ass and used his thumbs to pull the man apart. Theo's body opened for him as the man's hips bucked instinctually against frictionless air. "Beautiful," Kris whispered.

Theo jumped when a drop of perfectly aimed spit fell against his hole. He turned back to watch and Kris grinned at him. "Don't mind if I take a moment to get familiar with this do you?" His question was pursued by Theo's hungry moan as Kris slid the middle finger of his right hand all the way into Theo's body. Theo's was not a body that needed a lot of coaxing: snug but not too tight, resistance without pain. It welcomed his exploration and responded quickly. As Theo's hips rocked into Kris' touch, Kris took a moment to chuckle over the fact that his earlier imaginings of the man moaning into the bed sheets had not been so far off.

Kris leaned over Theo's back, pressing another finger alongside the first. He spoke into Theo's ear. "I'm going to fuck you now, Theo." Kris did his best to keep his voice husky, to make the resonations dance into Theo's eardrum and rumble over the shell. "I'm going to fuck you hard and I'm going to make you cum all over yourself." Kris pushed his fingers in deeper and spread them. Theo groaned; his eyelids fluttered shut.

"Does that sound all right?" Kris teased. His own cock pulsed between his legs. He wanted to be inside the other man so badly he felt dizzy. But he liked this game. He liked the way the other man was falling so deeply into the moment. He liked the way Theo's breath was ragged and strained. He liked the way the body around his fingers clenched and held him.

He loved the way Theo's speech had been reduced to inflected moans.

His free hand moved to the small night table. Fingers grappled around for a moment before Kris turned and looked blankly at the open wooden space. He knew there'd been a bottle there the night before. Had used it as a matter of fact. "What the fuck?"

Theo opened his eyes. "Dr-drawer," he stuttered.

Kris pulled open the small drawer of the nightstand. And sure enough, the bottle lay on its side, quite content to be nestled away and hidden from scrutiny. He hummed happily with the find and snapped open the cap. He coated himself, lingering for a couple of long seconds to stroke with the smooth fluid. As an afterthought, Kris upended the bottle and let a couple of drops fall into the open hole that was waiting for him; just to watch the other man flinch in surprise. "Cold?" he taunted.

"Fuck you," Theo teased right back.

Kris lined himself up to Theo's body. "Nope." He slid all the way in with one firm push. "Fuck you."

He watched Theo's face react: a grunt really, not much more, the forehead creasing in concentration, lips drawn back over teeth. And he waited. Waited for the look to soften a little, for the tension to ease, before pulling back and repeating the deep thrust all over again. The grunt escalated to a gasp. "Too much?" Kris asked, getting far too close to breathless himself.

Theo opened his eyes and smirked back. "Not nearly enough."

Kris grabbed a hip in each hand and braced himself. "Is that a challenge, Theo?"

The smirk deepened. "More like a rebuke."

Kris' eyes narrowed. He pulled himself back and then snapped his hips forward. To the tune of Theo's hiss he did it again. And then again. He did it until Theo's eyes were screwed tightly closed and the body that enveloped him was clenching and tensing.

Theo arched his back, groaning, still moving against air - still searching for friction denied. Kris pulled the slim hips tighter against him, higher off the bed, and urged one leg up until Theo half-knelt, half-stood. With the other man's back arched just so, his body spread open, perched on one set of tip-toes, Kris was granted the perfect angle for penetration. Damp skin slapped together as brutal thrusts were made pleasant by desire alone.

Theo breathed through grit teeth, watched through narrowed eyes, but his cock bounced hard and needy against his belly. His muscles may have been tense, but his body was eager and open. And though Theo would no doubt feel it tomorrow; the way Kris had the man squirming in obvious enjoyment, in heat and need, had both of them acting with abandon.

Guilt could come later. Consequences could be considered in the morning. For now, for the moment, there was only slide and movement. There was only sex and sound.

"Kris," Theo gasped. "Fuck!"

Kris leaned over the man's back, felt Theo's sweat wet his chest. He used his tongue to explore the beads gathering on Theo's spine. "Fuck what?" he asked, increasing his pace, spearing Theo's body mercilessly. "What do you want? What do you need?"

Theo panted into the sheets, his previous outcry momentarily forgotten. The look on his face was beautiful. Something between rigid suffering and outright bliss. Perhaps something that dabbled a little in the streams of both. It made Kris' cock strain that much harder, made him thrust that much faster, urged him that much deeper.

It was too fast. Too hot, too good, too much skin and too much sound. As much as Kris' mind screamed for more, his body was already racing towards completion. Kris reached around Theo's swaying hips, grabbed the hard cock and began to work it furiously.

Theo's forehead relaxed, his eyelids fell closed, and he stilled his own movement to languish in Kris'. His pants became peppered with murmured speech, words that were irrelevant - tone was enough to get the point across.

Kris' body shook with exertion. His free hand fell to the mattress. Theo grunted at the added weight, but the other man was so lost in sensation he neither complained nor attempted to move away. Kris tasted random bits of Theo's skin, marking, lapping salt and water, while his hand attempted to bring Theo to the same level of release that he himself tried to fight away. And just as it grew too much to avoid, just as Kris was sure he was going to lose the battle, Theo arched deeper, fisted the sheets and cried out. The pulsing in Kris' balls was already pounding out of his cock, the sensations already racing through his core, when his fist grew slick with Theo's release. He held himself deep inside Theo's body, every inch twitching and vibrating, riding out the other man's orgasm around his own sensitized flesh.

Kris didn't dare pull out immediately; standing on legs jellified as they were would have been impossible. His heart beat so hard inside his chest he was sure a call to emergency services was imminent. Breathing seemed redundant.

"Get off." Theo groaned from underneath him.

Kris grinned tiredly. "Just did."

Theo bucked against Kris' weight. "Ha, ha. Not what I meant, moron. Come on, before you kill me."

With a sigh, Kris slid out of the other man's body and flumped onto the bed beside him. They lay still and let the moisture evaporate off their skin. Overworked chests began to settle into regularity. Theo flung an arm over Kris' chest and nuzzled in.

"That was fun," Theo whispered. "We should definitely do that more often."

Smiling, Kris crooked his caught arm around Theo's waist and lifted his free hand to drag gentle circles over back, shoulder, and arm muscles. His fingers stilled at the tattoo on Theo's arm, at the K and the S woven with one another. He loved that symbol. Loved what it meant, what it stood for - the two initials, representative of each lover - the intertwining of them together, two as one.

Kris even loved remembering the hours that Scott had spent drawing the design, tweaking it, perfecting it. "Do I still have to call you Theo?"

Scott chuckled into Kris' neck. "No. The game is over. For now."

"Good," Kris smiled. "I mean, seriously! Theo? Where the hell did you come up with that?!"

Scott shrugged. "Hey! I researched that name I'll have you know! Divine gift? How do you get a more perfect meaning for a name than that?" He grabbed for Kris' hand and laced their fingers together. "You were supposed to pick a name too by the way."

Kris huffed playfully. "These are rules you should be telling me before the game starts. I can't read your mind you know."

Scott lifted his head and smiled. "I love you Kris."

Kris opened one eye. "Can I call you baby again?" Scott rolled his eyes, but was grinning when he nodded. Kris pulled him back down against his shoulder. "I love you too, baby."

The End

Copyright © 2011 AF Henley

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